Double-tube washing machine with dryer with a capacity of up to 8kg washing results are always perfectly clean.

Elegant, Dynamic, Flexible, Strong and Durable Solutions Washing Machines equipped just for your needs. With Anti-Wrinkle formula to make your clothes sleek and shine for your next use. Low noise and low-vibration motors makes a friendly companion on a day-to-day wash. And the Pulsator to make all your washing in-shape and perfect all the time, every day.

Washer :
Capacity : max 8 kg
Power Needed : 150 W
Condensor Size : 12 µf / 450 V AC
Metode Putaran : Switching
Ampere : 1.2 A
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50 Hz


Dryer :
Power Needed : 60 W
Condensor Size : 5 µf / 450 V AC
Rotation Method : One Way
Rotation Speed : 1436 rpm
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50 Hz