Solution one washing machine for all needs washing.

Washing machine all-in-one with a capacity of up to 9kg washing graceful, dynamic, flexible, strong and has a high durability for everyday washing process. Made of high-Copolymier Polycarbon best to staple a resilient material, tube and drum Polysilicone for parts Anti-fungus, coupled with a special formula Anti-Mist and Anti-Rust for clothes smooth, slick and shine for the next user. Cover the top with an ergonomic design for ease of access, water flow regulator for detergent evenly distribute circulation and Bio Pulsator for smooth and perfect results every time.

Washer & Dryer (Single tube) :
Capacity : max 9 kg
Power Needed : 180 W
Condenser Size : 15 µf / ± 5% / 450 V AC
Rotation Method : Switching
Rotation Speed : 823 rpm
Ampere : 1.5A
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50 Hz